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Everett Ruess: "Pledge to the Wind"

Everett Ruess was  15 years old when he wrote "Pledge to the Wind," a moving and heartbreaking harbinger of a short, yet well-lived life.

Everett Ruess, Monument Valley. Image courtesy of Gibbs Smith Publisher.

Onward from vast uncharted spaces,
Forward through timeless voids,
Into all of us surges and races
The measureless might of the wind. [...]
In the steep silence of thin blue air
High on a lonely cliff-ledge,
Where the air has a clear, clean rarity,
I give to the pledge:

”By the strength of my arm, by the sight of my eyes,
By the skill of my fingers, I swear,
As long as life dwells in me, never will I
Follow any way but the sweeping way of the wind.”
published in On Desert Trails with Everett Ruess, G.J. Bergera & W.L Rusho (Eds.), Gibbs Smith Publisher.

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This new website is beautiful and breathtaking. It covers many aspects of Western culture through folk lore, history, art, architecture, animal and plant life, music and the people known as Westerners. As an Easterner who has loved the West since boyhood, without understanding much about it, over many years I have read about its origins, peoples and eternal space. The web site adds so much to understanding what the West is from so many vantage points, past to present. I'm hoping the site will have much to say about the Native American contributions, including culture, commerce, religion and art.


January 30, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCarl

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