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State of the Union Station

By Bennett Owen

We have tried to express the distinctive character of the railroad: strength, power, masculinity.” -- Gilbert Stanley Underwood – Architect, Union Station – Omaha, NE

Union Station, Omaha Nebraska,  (1931). Credit: Loco SteveIn the early 1900s, the heyday of train travel, architectural temples were erected throughout the west, bidding a grand and glorious welcome or a fond farewell to all those who rode the rails. Though train travel has diminished, the stations still stand. Many now serve other purposes and yet they remain monuments to a golden age.

Union Station, Los Angeles, California, (1939). Credit: destination-southern-californiaUnion Station, Kansas City, Kansas (1914). Credit: NomadicpursuitsUnion Station, Ogden, Utah (1924). Credit: oldroadiestrip.blogspotUnion Station, Portland, Oregon (1896). Credit: National Transportation Enhancements ClearinghouseUnion Station, Washington D.C. Credit: SzekeBy the way, the term ‘Union’ meant that the station was being used by more than one railroad line. 

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