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Image of the Day, August 11, 2012  

Bill Gollings grew up in Pierce City, Idaho, worked on a ranch in Rosebud County, Montana and eventually settled in Sheridan, Wyoming where he painted for the remainder of his life. His contemporaries were Russell, Remington, Koerner and other artists of the authentic American West.  Their work is highly desired because of the genre element, telling stories that can no longer be told. More than anyone, Gollings credited Joseph Sharp for teaching him to paint and encouraging him to be an artist.  He is not well known to the general public, but his work is in museums and private collections throughout the world. Three paintings, some of his early and best work, are coming up for auction this September.

Credit: Jackson Hole Art Auction

E. Williams Gollings (1878-1932)
Indian on Horseback
Oil on canvas
33.5 x 23.75
Estimated at: $125,000. To $175,000


Credit: Jackson Hole Art Auction

E. Williams Gollings (1878-1932)
Returning to Camp
Oil on canvas
20 x 15 in.
Estimated at: $100,000. To $150,000


Credit: Jackson Hole Art Auction

E. Williams Gollings (1878-1932)
Bucking Bronco
Oil on canvas
33.5 x 23.75 in.
Estimated at: $200,000. To $300,000


Image of the Day, August 8, 2012  

Image by Skip Douglas created in charcoal.

Credit: Hein Academy of Art


Image of the Day, July 24, 2012

“The Conversation” by Barbara Pence received the “People’s Choice” award and the jurors’ award of merit at the recent 2012 Spring Salon and the Springville Museum of Art in Utah.

In the painting “The Conversation” it is fascinating to observe how Barbara Pence combines still life painting, commonly depicting inanimate objects, with elements of portraiture—hands and arms.  Each place setting tells a story depicting a range of emotions from passivity to aggressive gestures as one dinner guest points a knife at another. One person is half way through desert while another barely touched the meal.  The birds-eye view heightens the inherent sense of voyeurism as the viewer is privileged  to take in the entire scene at once.

“The Conversation,” by Barbara Pence. Credit:


Image of the Day, July 21, 2012

Credit:  Jackson Hole Art AuctionOffered at the Jackson Hole Art Auction, September 15, 2012, Jackson Hole

William R. Leigh (1866-1955)

Bucking Bronco with Cowboy


oil on canvas

30 x 22 in.

Estimated: $300,000 to $500,000.

Credit:  Jackson Hole Art Auction


Image of the Day - Vintage Photo, June 16, 2012

In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Skater, 1930s. Vernacular photograph of the West from the photography collection.

© Photography Collection. All rights reserved.