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GLACIER PARK – There’s Snow Business...

By Bennett Owen

Photo courtesy of Glaciernps

“They say Montana has only two seasons: winter and the 4th of July.” 

Photo courtesy of Glaciernps

Considering the weather forecast, the road clearing crews in Glacier may be engaged in an exercise in futility. Here’s their cryptic progress report, as of April Fools Day: 

“Crews are currently working in Two Medicine and are one half mile beyond Running Eagle Falls. The weather today was around 32 degrees and it snowed the entire day. Crews are encountering 4-8 foot snowdrifts. The snow at the bridge by the Running Eagle Falls parking lot is 5 feet deep.

Photo courtesy of Glaciernps

Plowing operations on the west side of the Going-to-the-Sun Road begin April 1, 2011.”

Photo courtesy of Glaciernps

Reminds me of this classic VW Bug commercial from the 1970s: 

And the road crews have to get to work somehow:

Punch line translation…although the pictures tell the story, don’t they? “Ever wonder how the man who drives the snow plow, drives TO the snowplow?”

Photo courtesy of Glaciernps


Burma Shave – Tuesday Morning Engine Starter

by Bennett Owen

All rights reserved by cavemanz (Larry Zimmer)

Hurry while supplies last, we’ve only got 6990 Burma Shave ditties left!

In the meantime, here’s some more trusty trivia:

  • The family-owned company was broke when the first signs went up outside Minneapolis
  • The initial ‘advertising’ budget was $200

The first slogan:

Shave the modern way
Fine for the skin
Druggists have it
- Burma Shave

Photo courtesy of ilmungo

Guess what happened when Burma Shave posted this rhyme:

Free Offer! Free Offer!
Rip a fender
Off your car
Mail it in for
A half-pound jar
- Burma Shave

Exactly. The company was swamped with bumpers sent in from all over the US. And each one received a free jar of Burma Shave. The publicity was priceless.

And with that, here’s our My-West ditty of the week, soon to be seen on highways and by-ways everywhere: 

If you give
A pass
You might
Just be a



by Bennett Owen

Why is it that every time I see a picture of Old Faithful these days, an image crops up in my mind of a lit fuse sizzling down toward a very big time bomb? Yes, and good morning to YOU, too. 

On this day (March 01) in 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant signed legislation making Yellowstone the nation’s first National Park. Despite predictions to the contrary I can picture my progeny celebrating the millennium anniversary in 2872.  No matter, My-West will there for the ceremonies, attended by President James T. Kirk.

And just in case you’re thinking you’re ‘smarter than the average bear…’ five facts about Jellystone Park’s favorite son:

  • Yogi Bear first appeared as a segment on the Huckleberry Hound show in 1958
  • Yogi’s voice is an imitation of Art Carney’s character, Norton, from the Honeymooners. Yogi even wears his hat crumpled up like Norton.
  • Yogi Bear was named after legendary NY Yankees catcher Yogi Berra.
  • Yogi’s girlfriend was named Cindy.
  • “Yogi” by the ‘Ivy Three’ reached number eight on the billboard charts in 1960. Make that poison ivy:

And here, the first ever Yogi Bear segment….more laughs in seven minutes than in the entire 3D movie remake…"stragety, Boo-Boo…stragety!" 

Photo courtesy Christopher Owen


Burma Shave – Renew Your Poetic License Here

by Bennett Owen

Shouldn’t we be calling it Myanmar Shave?  

Prepare here for the Burma Shave Quiz, to be held at a time of our choosing:

  • The first Burma Shave jingle went up in 1925 on highway 65 between Albert Lee, Minnesota and Minneapolis. It didn’t rhyme…wasn’t funny…and within four weeks the family-run business couldn’t keep up with orders.
  • By 1929, the signs were in 44 of 48 states.
  • Maintenance crews were called PhD’s (post hole diggers) and at the height of the ad craze cared for 40,000 signs.
  • A depression-era Burma Shave ditty contest attracted 50,000 poems
  • The most suggestive Burma Shave slogan ever:

Can let
You down
Quicker than
A strapless gown
Burma Shave

As you travel the Internet super highway, please slow down for our My-West slogans! Here’s our latest:

Mail your Dad
And tweet
Your mom
Then hurry to


Saving Face – Burma Shave 

by Bennett Owen

Photo courtesy of mlhradio

As I recall there were three sets of Burma Shave signs out on old highway 91 between Dillon, Montana and Idaho Falls…a stretch of roughly 140 miles surrounded by mountains and sagebrush.  One was about jackrabbits having to pack their own lunch and the other warned motorists to be careful of Mormon crickets, but the one I remember best was printed in white lettering on six red signs that read:

When passing
Please drive slow
Let the little
Shavers grow
 - Burma Shave

We’ll be resurrecting a few of our favorite Burma Shave Ditties over the next few weeks as our Monday morning engine starter.  The story behind the famous red signs is quite amazing… a company and its product wholly dependent on one simple but ingenious advertising ploy.  Read about it here.

And in the meantime, here’s the Burma Shave premier on My-West:

This cream
Makes the
Gardener’s daughter
Plant her tu-lips
Where she oughter…
 - Burma Shave


These signs
Are not
For laughs alone
The face they save
May be your own
 - Burma Shave

And really, who can resist?  Send us one of your own! Here’s one of ours:


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